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About Us
Jinan Tianchen Smart Machine Co.,ltd.

Jinan Tianchen Smart Machine Co.,ltd. is the frst listed company for the machines to make window & door and curtain wall in China. Jinan Tianchen Smart Machine Co.,ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinan Tianchen Group Co., Ltd, which is well known enterprise in Shandong Province. Jinan Tianchen was founded in 1997, located in the National High-tech Development Zone - Jinan High-tech Development Zone, covering nearly 100,000 square meters, construction area of 50,000 square meters, the total assets of nearly 500 million Yuan, more than 1,500 people, annual sales income of nearly 10 billion Yuan. The company is a reputable group company with large scale of capital and advanced technology.

As a collection of scientifc research, production and sales of integrated high-tech enterprise, Jinan Tianchen Smart Machine Co.,ltd. is the greatest manufacturer of all kind of window & door and curtain wall processing machines, with large sales and service net, including machines for aluminum windows, curtain wall, aluminum & wood window, Insulation composite aluminum profles, industry aluminum profle etc. It is becoming the biggest research base and manufacturing center for machines to make window and curtain wall in the world.

As a world-famous brand from China, early in 1999, Jinan Tianchen has already been rated as "the national chemical building materials advanced collective" by the Ministry of Construction and other fve ministries & commissions. Five of Jinan Tianchen’s machines have been listed in the developing plan by the National Structure Departments. Two of Jinan Tianchen’s machines have been listed the National Torch Plan Projects.

Jinan Tianchen spirit of "doing new thing, making good thing" guiding ideology, its technology has always been in the forefront of the industry, it has a number of patented technology to have flled the door &window and curtain wall equipment industry gaps in China. Jinan Tianchen has won the title of "Provincial High-tech Enterprise", "Excellent Private Enterprise of Shandong Province","Excellent Private Technology Enterprise of China" and "Famous Trademark of Shandong Province". Jinan Tianchen was identifed as "Enterprise Technology Center of Shandong Province " by Shandong Province Economic and Trade Commission.

Together with Shandong University, Jinan Tianchen has set up a production & research base, and an aluminum equipment research center. Jinan Tianchen has also passed the ISO9001 quality management system certifcation, the European Union CE certifcation and National 4A Standard Good Behavior Enterprise Certifcation, and has gotten the Right for Import and Export. In 2012, the National Standard of "GB / T28390-2012" has been promulgated and implemented, which has been drafted for the machining center by Jinan Tianchen. In 2013, Jinan Tianchen was awarded the honorary titles of "Advanced Enterprise of Shandong Province", "Innovative Private Enterprise of Shandong Province", "Innovative Enterprise of Jinan City" and "Enterprise of Intellectual Property Right of Jinan City". Its "high-speed four-axis linkage machining center" was named Shandong brand-name products. In 2014, Jinan Tianchen was named "Jinan City, high-end equipment manufacturing innovative enterprises". In October of this year, Jinan Tianchen shares has been listed in China (stock code 831234) successfully. In November, Jinan Tianchen has been awarded the "Most Infuential Enterprise Award" in the frst selection of the Jinxuan Award for Door & Window Curtain Wall Industry.

In November, Jinan Tianchen was awarded "The most powerful enterprise" in China. In December, Jinan Tianchen was exclusive hosted meeting of China Construction Metal Structure Association aluminum door and window curtain wall committee. In March of 2015, Jinan Tianchen was awarded "User Preferred Brand "and" Market Expansion Pioneer" . In October of 2016, Jinan Tianchen was awarded“Shandong Building Leading Enterprises for window & door and curtain wall Processing Machine Industry”.

Jinan Tianchen Smart Machines have already equipped 7,000 window & door manufacturing enterprises and hundred aluminum curtain wall manufacturing enterprises in China, and the China market share is over 40% (some of the major markets more than 70%). The machines have been exported to the United States of America, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, France, Greece, Italy, India, and other more than 60 countries and regions. Facing the chance of fourishing China, Jinan Tianchen’s people are full of pride. Facing thousand sail boat races, Jinan Tianchen’s people are brimming with confdence. In the coming days, Jinan Tianchen will introduce more and more new machines and make greater contributions to the development of industry.

Establish New Benchmark for Machine Services

Careful and worry-free, trying to make customers satisfied and even moved is the premise and ultimate aim of all our work. Customer’s satisfaction begins with solving the problem and customer is moved by our every detail. Tianchen company has established a comprehensive market network throughout the country, and has cultivated a high-quality professional team to provide users with comprehensive service support such as consultation and machines’ configuration. And for various big projects, we’re concentrated to solve various difficult problems for customers, to provide a total solution, with our own quality and integrity to win the trust of customers.

Professional Staff
All personnel of Tianchen Company are professionally trained skillful technicians with professional skills.
Professional Service Skills
Tianchen Company's high-quality professional service team can provide users with all-round service support, and professional personnel can solve various difficult problems for customers.
Professional Service Process
Tianchen Company provides standard services such as technical support, telephone reservation, customer training, maintenance and follow-up visits.
Genuine Accessories
Tianchen Company provides genuine accessories and quality guarantees with quality assurance for all users.
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